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Learning About Market Research

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some outstanding entrepreneurs who have established very successful and unique ventures. Today, we showcase Jorge Restrepo, CEO and chief analyst of EurekaFacts, a Rockville firm that performs market research, data collection and analysis. Amigos, market research is often overlooked as a sales and engagement tool. Understanding the potential

Latino Innovators Pitch: Connecting innovation & Culture

On Oct. 3, I had the pleasure of co-hosting the 15th annual Maryland Hispanic Business Conference. This is the largest event in the region geared towards Hispanic businesses, where 700-plus business leaders, professionals, government and corporate partners connect. It is a place where two worlds meet and connect to drive economic growth with the fastgrowing

It’s not raining in Port Covington

Life is not easy. We could all curl into our fetal position and hide. Drown our tears in our coffee. Blame the politicians. Blame the boss. Blame the tax code. Blame the system. Blame the man. Blame the parents. Or change your mindset. Is the glass half full or half empty? READ MORE… *This article

It’s about access and education

Last week, I heard about a foreign-born orthopedic surgeon who was working as a cashier because that was the only job he could find. Now, I know you are reading the last sentence and scratching your head. … “Really? Why not simply reach out to Brad Chambers at Union Memorial? Or a local private practice

Celebrating girl power, despite the ‘double bind’

Aggressive, bossy, obnoxious…. Even the B-Word is used to describe assertive women. But today, we will begin to change the dialogue by becoming positive and strategically supporting and promoting one another. Whether it’s upbringing or expectations, men comfortably self-promote, where women shyly sit back. READ MORE… *This article was originally posted on The Daily Record.

Celebrate frogs, humor, and financial literacy

Although we just wrapped up April Fool’s Day, this is no joke: April is a bit over-ambitious in its celebrations. From pets to library media, holy humor and frogs, there’s a lot going on. So let’s take a minute for some lighthearted instruction and kick off spring, with some tips on properly celebrating in April!

Avoiding insanity: sponsorship and unconscious bias

Studies from the Harvard Business Review and from Catalyst indicate higher profitability and productivity when a more diverse workplace environment exists, one with an emphasis on inclusion. Yet the numbers that measure employment diversity, including attorneys and senior leaders in corporate and public sectors, have remained virtually unchanged across most industries. READ MORE… *This article

As a Latina, what I’m learning from Trump

Donald Trump is brilliant. With his indifference to courtesy and his flagrant disregard for humanity — all under the guise of business savvy and unpolitical behavior — he is brilliant. There are many lessons we can take from his performance. READ MORE… *This article was originally posted on The Daily Record. Veronica Cool: As a

Act is DREAM-catcher for Maryland

Two-thirds of students who leave Maryland for higher education do not return. That’s a worrisome trend, because over the next 20 years, at least six of the 10 fastest-growing fields in Maryland will require college degrees. A recent study by the University of Maryland Baltimore County found that the Maryland DREAM Act will lead to

Acculturation and Segmentation

If today, you moved and relocated to Italy, it would take you approximately 10 years to become acculturated as an Italian. Acculturation is the process in which an immigrant adjusts, or acculturates, to the local culture, language, customs, traditions, etc. A Latino moving into the United States takes about 18-20 years to acculturate, predominantly due