Healthcare And ACA Outreach

Hispanics tend to get certain diseases at higher rates or acuity — more due to social and economic stressors than genetics, yet they often have better health than other U.S. residents, especially if recent immigrants.

Specialized outreach is necessary to effectively educate and engage the Latino community!

Workforce Development

By 2043, Hispanics will be the majority, and 1 million Latinos turn 18 EVERY year. This ready-made workforce is not being appropriately and effectively trained to garner living-wage jobs and careers. We can customize solutions

Talk to us to develop your workforce development plan, including coaching, training and recruiting

Banking And Financial Services

Hispanics are forecasted to hold one out of every two mortgages! Per the latest Census, one in four Hispanics have individual income greater than $65,000. Affluent Latinos grew over 200% over the last decade.

Education will build a loyal Latino client base with multiple cross-sell opportunities

Market Research Recruiting

Today, one in 6 people is a Latino and as of 2043, Latinos will be the Majority- yet the factors behind their purchasing behaviors and psychographics are a mystery. Let us recruit for your focus groups to ensure the Latino voice is heard.

Specialized recruiting to source hispanic participants for polls, focus groups and market research

Valuable Information

Women’s Leadership Summit

The Daily Record’s Women’s Leadership Summit will convene Top 100 Women, Leading Women and Maryland’s network of women professionals to learn about important topics facing women in business today, advance community involvement and create mentoring relationships. Click here for more information

Veronica Cool CEO, speaks at SHIFT U 2017

Our CEO, Veronica Cool, speaks at SHIFT U 2017. SHIFT U is a program sponsored by SHIFT, a consulting agency on a mission to shift the work world to transform the real world. Veronica discuss “The Hispanic Opportunity – Beyond Tacos and JLO”

How do Latinos Celebrate the Holidays?

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Learning About Market Research

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some outstanding entrepreneurs who have established very successful and unique ventures. Today, we showcase Jorge Restrepo, CEO and chief analyst of EurekaFacts, a Rockville firm that performs market research, data collection and analysis. Amigos, market research is often overlooked as a sales and engagement tool. Understanding the potential […]